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Meet Whitney Johnson our

Licensed Massage Therapist

Whitney Johnson is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the Columbia, SC area. She is a native to Columbia and loves the city that raised her. She has a background in Health Science and Biology from Coastal Carolina University and Midlands Technical College. After working a few years in the holistic and chiropractic care field, she would begin to fall in love with the idea of healing the body from the inside out. In 2021, she enrolled at Southeastern College and joined their Professional Massage Therapy program.

Whitney’s love for her community is what inspired and motivated her over the years. Her main goal for the community is to bring awareness of the healing power of Massage Therapy and Holistic Medicine alternatives. Massage therapy is often seen as a luxury. Whitney wants to bring this luxury experience to the hard working and great people in her hometown who wouldn't normally be offered these services. Whitney’s approach for massage is integrative,therapeutic, and rejuvenating. She specializes in Wellness massage which is a blend of Swedish techniques, to induce relaxation, to increase body awareness and to create balance with the objectives of promoting health and wellness. Whitney’s goal is to bring a balance to her clients Wellness, Happiness, Inner Peace and Tranquility. 

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